Of all the challenges that Africans face, healthcare is a daunting one. The sight of a good and well-structured healthcare institution on the continent is similar to coming across an oasis in a desert and such an institution is beyond the reach of the poor. Children are mostly affected by this crisis and millions of them die each year from preventable diseases and minor infections. Improving the healthcare system in Africa is one of the top priorities for Global Partners for Africa Development.

Every day about 1,000 children under the age of 15 become infected with HIV, and in 2007, UNAIDS estimated there were 2 million children living with HIV, almost 90 per cent of whom live in Africa. The vast majority of these children either acquire HIV before they are born, during pregnancy or during delivery or when they are being breastfed (if their mother is HIV-positive).

The problems are numerous:

–  Inadequate budgets
–  Unsanitary and under-equipped hospitals
–  Insufficient trained healthcare providers

All of these taken together make it difficult for communities, left by their government to fend for themselves, to respond to pandemics of diseases such as HIV/AIDS, malaria, tuberculosis, dysentery cholera, and chronic and debilitating diseases such as high blood pressure and other cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and many others. However where there is adversity, there is also opportunity to reach out and help.


–  Donate to the general healthcare fund
–  Donate to buy a malaria kit for a family
–  Sponsor a First Aid box for a village
–  Sponsor the education of a Nurse
–  Donate towards equipment for a village clinic
–  Join the movment and get involved
–  Start a fundraising in your community, school or church.

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