SCHOOL DESK project is one of Global PAD’s projects that aims to provide certain number of school desks for many students in great need of these basic furniture in the greater Kloto region in Africa. Due to the alarming school desk demandes we have received from the schools in the region we are targeting:

  • 20 primary schools
  • 20 Middle schools and
  • 10 high schools
    For a total of 500 school desks. The cost of this projet is $22,850.00
    For us to be able to realise this with confidence, we will break in to 2 parts. The first part in 2021 and the 2nd one in 2022.
    We cannot do this alone. We need your help…


In Africa, growing up as a child is a challenge.
On a continent plagued by endemic poverty, crumbling infrastructure and education and healthcare systems in advanced stages of deterioration, there is a total lack of development.

Clean Water   Healthcare

Each year in Africa, more than a million children die from water borne-diseases


Of all the challenges that Africans face, healthcare is a daunting one.

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Education   Programs

Cultivating the mind of a child is more important than anything one thing one can do to prepare…   Find out more about our programs and how to help by visting our programs page.
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